How To Spend Your Holidays- Tarot Answers

If you are planning to go for a holiday then it is the best time to see what Tarot have for you. We want to show you the benefits and ways of using Tarot. At the end of every year we plan for some holiday with family and friends, Tarot gives us an insight into what is on our way to our holiday destination. It shows positives for us and for the whole planet.
Tarot is only a tool to know some things which sometimes are not clear to see with our blind eyes. Sometimes we need to listen to our intuition, it gives you enough power to face the hurdles coming your way. Even if you are not familiar with the deck of cards, you can try using it in your holidays. It is a very good time to learn Tarot.

Holidays bring us lots of happiness, because of it most of the time we become careless in eating, spending, meeting friends, joining parties and drinking a lot. We think that this time is not going to come back so we enjoy a lot without considering too much about our health. Here we will try to learn some interesting ways to enjoy our holidays most. Believe me, Tarot is very helpful to make good planning for your holidays.

Travel Spread –
When we plan for a holiday then the first question comes to our mind is that where are we going for the holiday? The answer is very easy with the help of Tarot. In Tarot, there are few spreads which are very helpful in these situations. Like you can use 3 card decision spread. The first card you choose represents the situation, a second and third card depends upon you. You can decide what second and third card represents for you. Here we are talking about connecting our energy with the decision we are about to take.

Holiday Spread –
This is something which is a very interesting spread. First, shuffle your cards at the sacred place of yours. Then you have to make three piles of Tarot cards or just divide them into three parts. Now choose one card from each pile. This is very easy Tarot spread while making choices for your holidays. The major aspect of this Holiday spread is to give you valuable things you must know. But you have to be very clear of your intentions. The first card says about the best approach to the holidays. Once you have the card and you want to know the meaning of the card thoroughly then first write down the first impression you got. If you don’t know the meaning of what you have written, then there are many platforms available for you. Our website is very useful to give you enough meaning to your card.

The second card says how you can spread love during your holiday season. Maybe you are confused with it. No problem let me tell you what this second card means to you. We always think about what we can get from the future but this reveals what you need to give to your holidays. Again the easiest way to know this is to write down your first impression on a notebook. It shows what you can give to your holidays to make them brighter and shinier.

Third Tarot card is a reflection of yourself and shows a perspective that limits you to have more joy and happiness in your life. This card shows about your past experiences and their connection with your coming holidays. Maybe you don’t like this perspective but it’s true. Many old memories come to your mind and you are confused whether it is good for your holidays or not but you have to better prepare for it. Don’t forget now you have Tarot with you. It will show you the correct path to walk on. Tarot always navigates you to make you happier than your last holiday.

Nothing is permanent –
We all can predict the future but it doesn’t mean it is permanent in nature. It changes with time and your doings. You have the ability to change it in the direction you want with your energy or say your activities. It is not like something written on a stone and cannot be changed by anyone. You need to understand that it is you who holds your own future and when you hold it you can make changes to it. We do understand that it is not always easy but this is life, uncertain. You cannot decide when to be born and when to die. Everyone suffers in this world sometimes in their life but there are many who don’t want to suffer, so they do everything to make things right. Thinking positively is the key ingredient of this human life. Put all the efforts from your side and if not succeeded then don’t worry “Tarot” is still available for you to help you on this.

Just try to enjoy your holidays and improve your abilities. What most needed here is to practice more with your abilities. If you want to make your holidays really magical then try to keep an eye on the Moon cycle because it has very much important to our life. Don’t put yourself in such a situation where you forget to share your love to those around you. Just be helpful to others and listen to your intuition.

Conclusion –
These spreads are really magical. It can give you many options to take good control over your consciousness and positivity inside you. When having questions like, when I will be good in a relationship, how to control yourself, how to think positive, then you can use these three card spread because “Tarot Answers’. It clears your doubts related to your fluctuating future. You will get answers to those questions also which don’t lead to happiness. Nature always pays you back, so don’t forget the universal truth as well. Do you remember? The Law of karma? If we think good for others then be sure the good is also coming your way. It might take some more time as you expected but surely it follows you the moment you do it for others. Try to do as good you can do for anyone around you this Holiday, it will surely reflect in your actions, thoughts and your intentions. But the most important thing is how you think. Just make things meaningful and be true to yourself. Help someone if you really mean it not just to show off your instinct. Better have a spiritually connected to your inner self.

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