Archangels are the name given to those angels who are of high order or high position. Name of these archangels can be found at number of places in ancient and spiritual literature. Some of the famous archangels are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and saraquael.

References of these archangels can be found even in the books which are as old as 300B.C. you will also see that almost all the religion of the world belief in the archangels. Not only this, spiritual books also belief that different archangels have been assigned with different responsibilities. They have different set of powers which they can use to help individuals in making their life easy.

According to an ancient theory, each archangel has been associated with some of the days of week. It is when their strength and power help as a guide. Even few people believe that these angels are also associated with the planets of our solar system.

If you will study in deep about the effect of these angels in your life, you would find that almost every spiritual part of your life is touched by these archangels. Let us discuss few examples to understand their importance in your life. You must be very familiar with the tarot card. These cards are used to take a glimpse of the future of the individuals. If you observe these cards you will find that all the cards are in association with one or the other archangels. This association can be in a pictorial format of angels or in the form of planets and stars these archangels are associated or rule. This is only one part of psychic reading, and you will be surprised to see that almost every type of psychic reading is influenced with these archangels. Another example of these influence are on the sun signs of individual. All the signs have a unique archangel guide.

So, considering the importance of archangels you should find your archangel guide so that at the time you can call them for your help. If you are not well aware of these archangels you can always take help from the professional psychic readers, they will tell you about your archangel guide and the planet and the days your archangel rule.

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