Token-Object Reading


As the name suggest token-object reading refers to the reading of object and there associated energy. Token-object reading is also known as psychometry, psychometry is made up of two greek words psyche which mean “soul” or spirit and metron which mean “measure” thus in total this represent the soul measure.This is mostly related to the paranormal activity and is in form of extrasensory perception. Psychometry has a special skills which help to find the relevant association from an unknown object.

In psychometry, psychic is able to get the impression or vision related to someone associated from the object. Psychic can retrieve information from the object associated with that person. The only thing which need to be taken care is that object should have one single owner. As number of owner or user of the object will create a disturbance in the accuracy of the result. These objects holds the energy of the owner, and holding these objects will help in getting those energy into images from the past. Not only provide the past information but also helps in getting impression of the present and future. Psychic have been able to assist agencies in number of cases to find out the possibilities of the individuals involved and can also help in depicting the crime scene.

Psychometry has gain so much importance in the recent years, because of the documentaries showing the possibilities of psychometry and their uses in real life situations. It is not only limited to humans but can also be used for animals. More information on

There are lot of exercises which can be done to maintain the psychic ability, meditation is one of the best exercise for a psychic. These meditation will keep all the chakras balanced and aligned.

As this art of psychometry has a vast application, it will need time for a psychic to master the every side of this art. Not only time but need lot of practice to be an expert in psychometry. At an initial level there may be the requirement of a guide who can help in practicing.

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